Jaiya Bhandari is a UK born painter and self-taught portrait artist, whose work with oil and canvas evokes a sincere and striking emotionality and engagement for viewers and clients of diverse backgrounds. Inspired by the experiences and aspirations of her commissioned subjects, Jaiya empathically captures those moments we keep close to our hearts.

In her personal work, Jaiya explores the collective relationship to the myths and archetypes found across many cultures. Exploring life cycles of destruction, creation, and abundance, and ritualistic experiences such as Abhyanga and Satsang, she captures the human journey through a spiritual eye. Several works explore this concept through the association of the different tastes found in Ayurveda to emotions, using Indian pop-culture imagery to depict each emotion. These works have been exhibited in several locations including Philadelphia's City Hall (PA, USA).

In addition to painting, Jaiya designs global programmes in which art and play open a space for freedom of expression, building relaxation, self­ confidence and stronger community relationships. This includes women's empowerment workshops and receipt of grants for place-making initiatives with the Asian Arts Initiative (Philadelphia, PA, USA). Combining creativity and mindfulness, Jaiya engaged guests from a local homeless shelter as well as staff and local residents with "Colour Splash" workshops, a signature service for groups and families, inspired by the Hindu festival of colour, Holi.

Jaiya's background includes corporate, philanthropic and arts experience. Trained as a certified public accountant, she migrated towards programming youth development and social enterprise initiatives for the EY Foundation in London, while developing her skills as a meditation instructor. Her experience and passion for the role art plays in community economic development enable her to understand and meet the needs of a wide audience. She is keen to continue utilising her artistic skills for service-based initiatives and welcomes both individual and collaborative opportunities to do so.