Celebrate a special person or moment with a portrait

Be a part of the creative process to bring a painting to life, which embodies the personality of a loved one, essence of a relationship, or memory from a special moment. Learn more about how the commission process works below.

It brings us endless joy to have such a wonderful memory hanging on our wall. We will cherish the painting forever - what a special gift to treat yourself or a loved one with.
— Melanie Haber & Ryan Lipsitz

Brian and Buddy | Oil on canvas | 2016

Brian and Buddy | Oil on canvas | 2016

What does the commission process look like?

Step 1 - Consultation: Who, Why, When?

A discussion about the subjects and styles you are interested in. Jaiya will ask what excites you about the commission, and the style of various paintings. You will discuss colours, where you intend to hang the painting, and what inspires you.

Step 2 - Size & Price

You will be invited to share a selection of images and photographs from which the painting will be created. Jaiya will make recommendations based on the quality and style of the images, and recommend potential sizes and pricing.

Step 3 - Contract, Painting & Progress

When the size, price and image/photograph have been decided, both parties will sign a contract and the work begins. Clients can choose to receive photographs of developments and ideas as the work progresses - giving you the chance to watch your piece grow from sketch to painting!

Step 4 - Commission Delivery

When complete, your painting will take 4-6 weeks to dry (yes, oil paints take their time!) and arrangements will be made for collection or delivery. Please note that Jaiya will arrange a date with you for varnishing, 6-12 months later.